MarathonTraining: Take Off Before Your Race

The greatest approach to practice a few days earlier than a marathon is to cease coaching altogether.

How lengthy you’ll be able to train a muscle is dependent upon how a lot sugar you’ll be able to retailer in that muscle earlier than you begin to train. Dr. Dave Costill of Ball State University requested one group of highly-trained runners to jog at a gradual tempo on the 2 days previous to measuring their muscle sugars and one other group to not jog in any respect. The runners who did not jog saved essentially the most sugar.

Studies on bicycle racers present that their muscle tissues will load maximally with sugar after they take a really laborious exercise four days previous to racing after which journey simply for the following three days. However, Exhaustive working three or 4 days earlier than a marathon will lower the quantity of sugar that muscle tissues can retailer, presumably as a result of laborious working damages muscle tissues and interferes with their potential to retailer sugar.

There isn’t any proof {that a} single laborious exercise on the week earlier than a race will assist a runner throughout that race. Hard coaching tears down muscle tissues and it take a number of days for the muscle tissues to heal sufficiently to enhance efficiency. So, one of the simplest ways for a runner to arrange for a marathon is to run at a gradual tempo on the fifth, fourth and third day earlier than a marathon and to not run in any respect on the final two days beforehand.

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