Yogic Kriyas – A Way to Purification

Yogic Kriyas or Kriya Yoga is part of the yoga follow. The Kriyas are a bunch of methods that are used to cleanse and purify the physique and the thoughts. The Kriyas are additionally known as Shuddhi-kriya, Saucha, Sauca, Shat-Kriyas and their follow opens the passages of the physique, the thoughts and the guts. The Kriyas are a means to cleanse the interior physique. Just like a traditional individual cleanses the exterior components of the physique, it’s equally important and of utmost significance that we additionally clear the interior a part of the system of all of the filth and impurity that’s current and makes the physique unhealthy. The Yogic Kriyas are six in quantity and collectively cleanse varied inner organs of the physique.

There are six major cleaning processes or Kriyas, particularly, Neti Kriyas, Dhauti Kriyas, Vasti Kriya, Nauli Kriyas, Kapal Bhati and Tratak. The six processes cleanse totally different delicate organs of the physique and may at all times be learnt beneath the steerage of an skilled and later will be practiced on their very own.

The Neti Kriyas is a technique of cleaning the nostril and helps to clear the nasal passage. This Kriya will be finished by water which known as Jalaneti and on this water is taken in from one nostril and brought out from the opposite which cleans the complete nasal passage of all filth. The different types of the Neti Kriya are Ksheera Kriya the place as an alternative of water lukewarm milk is used. Some individuals additionally use self urine or cow urine for doing the Kriya and that is known as Swamutra or Gomutra Neti course of. The Kriya can be carried out utilizing oil or Ghee and likewise particular cotton thread or rubber catheter. These Kriyas are known as Tail / Ghrit Neti Kriyas and Sutra / Rubber Neti Kriyas respectively. All the Kriyas can be utilized to cleanse the nasal course of and with their utilization all issues associated to nostril, ears, nostril and throat will be prevented.

The subsequent Kriya known as the Dhauti Kriya and is a abdomen cleaning course of. The first Kriya in that is finished through the use of lukewarm saline water and known as Jala Vaman Dhauti Kriya. In this system the individual performing has to sit squatting on the toes and has to drink the water in succession until the abdomen is full. After this he wants to transfer the abdomen for a couple of minutes by rotation and shifting it left proper after which he wants to bend backwards and puke out the complete water which comes out with all acids, gases and different wastes.

This cleanses the abdomen and relieves all gastric issues, constipation, acidity, indigestion, and so on. the opposite type of Dhauti Kriya is Vastra Dhauti Kriya which is finished utilizing muslin material. The material is first swallowed after which pulled out and cures all cough and phlegm, bronchial asthma, fuel, and different lung and abdomen problems.

The third Kriya is Vasti Kriya and is finished by filling the enema pot with water. To follow this Kriya a rubber tube is fitted to the opening of the enema pot and the opposite finish of is inserted into the anus in mendacity place. The water enters the big gut and is flushed out with all of the impurities like water, fuel, acids and different filth particles and cures all indigestion and constipation issues and likewise will increase urge for food. Precaution should be taken that enema is finished on an empty abdomen earlier than breakfast.

The fourth Kriya is Nauli Kriya. This approach entails respiration actions like inhaling, respiration out and holding the breath. One type of the Kriya is the Agnisar Kriya the place whereas suiting on a mat one wants to inhale and exhale totally leaning ahead. The abdomen has to be sucked in and retained for so long as doable. The type of the Kriya is Uddiyan Kriya the place one wants to utterly inhale and exhale utilizing the mouth. After the Agnisar and The Uddiyan are practiced properly then one can carry out the Nauli Kriya as the middle of the stomach has to be used as a pipe and it cures the ailments of the abdomen and liver and will increase urge for food.

The different Kriya can be one other type of respiration workouts and known as Kapalbhati and Bhastrika Kriyas. Kapalbhati is a technique of cleansing the mind and the central a part of the top. It will increase the power to suppose and will increase self-worth and develops the reminiscence. On the opposite hand Bhastrika can be one other respiration train and is practiced to scale back gases, constipation and acidity.

The final of the six Kriyas is the Tratak Kriya which is a watch exercise and is finished to forestall eye ailments, enhance the sight, and develop focus.

All the six Kriyas must be initially learnt from an skilled after which fastidiously and frequently practiced. There is a variety of air pollution within the air in trendy occasions and the follow of those six Kriyas thus turns into crucial so as to clear the interior system and remedy ailments.

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